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> I originally started Bingham X in 2018 as a creative outlet, and soon realized I was able to provide solutions to clients that were otherwise difficult to find. With a diverse professional background, a long-standing creative history, and focus on using cutting edge tools like artificial intelligence, I’m able to bring a wealth of experience and deliver effective solutions to my clients.


> Growing up, I honed my skills by assisting my father's photography business. After earning a mechanical engineering degree from CU Boulder, I worked as a graphic designer, web designer, industrial designer, and product engineer. I then shifted my focus to marketing and now have over 13 years of experience serving clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

> At Bingham X, I offer a personalized touch and unique set of skills that sets Bingham X apart from big marketing agencies. I leverage my unique background with my expertise in artificial intelligence to provide customized, striking content that authentically tells each client's story. My combination of technical and creative skills helps me deliver exceptional results without the bloat or inefficiency of a typical agency.


>> X Brad

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> t- 970-306-2203

> denver, colorado usa

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