> Bingham X in 2018 as a creative outlet and I soon discovered that it could be so much more. I noticed there was a need for creatives who are also skilled at marketing; and that is what Bingham X is.


> Brad has a diverse background and a long creative history. From a young age, Brad learned from and assisted his accomplished father with his photography business. After graduating from CU Boulder with a mechanical engineering degree, he spent several years as a graphic designer, web designer, industrial designer, and product engineer. In his mid 20’s, Brad turned to marketing full-time and has years of professional marketing experience across large corporations and startups.


> Throughout our years of collaborating with big marketing agencies, I noticed that the individual care and personal touch was always missing. Every time Bingham X works with a client I provide a customized experience with exclusive content that focuses on telling the brand’s authentic story. My unique background give me a variety of strengths allowing me to produce the best results with an unrivaled creative touch.


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